Our subconscious registers only a single permanence. Embedded forever an entity, corporeal or ephemeral, that has a form. The form itself may not have an ounce of permanence but once experienced it becomes immortal in our subconscious. Everything around us is made of matter, matter that flows like a wave finding whatever form it finds; through night and day, cathedral or cave, craving a form that binds. Slowly evolving in contour and in character shapes change, merge and take new identities remaining ceaselessly present and infinite. The cohesion is conjectural. 

In this piece I attempt to bring a cohesion between two biological and spontaneous beings. Fragments from these living organisms merged to create a new abstract that threatens and questions the viewer’s intuition at the same time. 

A new understanding challenging the conditioned subconscious. Perhaps a permanence that is persistently altering.